Egret's Autopilot Cylinder

Here's some pictures of our autopilot hydraulic cylinder installation on Egret V40-112.  I've made them huge so that you can see as much detail as possible.  Sorry for the focus problems; these were taken with an old analog camera that didn't include a little screen on the back to review the shots... :-(..... 

We made a stainless steel plate to be bolted on to the top of the quadrant.  Three (out of focus) bolts hold the plate to the quadrant's web on each side.   On the top of the plate you can see the locknut of the pivot bolt.

Here you can see the cylinder extending from inside the port locker to the pivot bolt.  The pivot bolt goes through a welded bracket, through the cylinder piston end, through a spacer, through the plate, and is secured with the locknut. It was later discovered that it's a good idea to use some Loctite where the piston shaft screws into the piston end fitting(!).

Notice the hole at the left side of this picture where the second hydraulic hose goes through the bulkhead to the rear of the cylinder.

Here's a view of the bracket that was welded to the bottom of the plate to hold the bottom end of the pivot bolt. We're looking from starboard to port.