Egret's Serial Box

The Serial Box is an interconnection point for Egret's serial data lines.  Both NMEA-0183 and RS-232 signals are converted to TTL logic levels and routed to their appropriate destinations.  The following signals are handled:  COM3 in/out, COM4 in/out, TinyTrak II in/out, Dallas 1-wire Interface in/out, GPS in/out, Standard VHF in, JRC Radar in, and Nexus instrument server in/out.
Serial Box, in place
Serial Box, top
The Serial Box is installed inside and to the left of the DC Panel opening, below the Navigation Light Controller.  This picture was taken by holding the camera inside of the wiring space behind the DC Panel, near TB-C.
Here is the Serial Box before it was installed. It's made from clear acrylic.
Serial Box, side
Serial Box, back
There are five RS-232 ports and five NMEA-0183 ports.
On the bottom side of the circuit board, connections are made with wire-wrap wire.