Egret's Hidden Laptop Computer

Hidden CPU
CPU dropped down
We have cut a hole in the back of the nav station cubby. The laptop is mounted on an aluminium panel. The panel rests on the lower edge of the hole.  A 3/4" teak block is attached to the front edge of the panel and is suspended from the front edge of the cubby by a pair of barrel bolts.
Here, the barrel bolts have been retracted and the front edge of the laptop is dropped down, allowing access to the CD-ROM drive.
CPU notch detail
CPU removed
As the front edge of the laptop drops down, the rear portion pivots on the lower edge of the hole in the rear of the cubby.  The aluminum panel has notches that engage with vertical tabs in the corners of the hole.  The DC-to-DC power supply for the laptop can be seen at the upper right.
Now the laptop and its panel have been lifted out of the cubby and placed on a pillow on the nav station desk. All the connecting cables are clamped to the panel for strain relief and fitted with ferrite chokes to reduce radio interference.

The laptop  is connected to an inkjet printer located forward of the navigation station.

Egret's laptop, GPS, VHF, Radar, 1-wire sensors, and APRS TNC are interconnected via a "Serial Box."