Egret's DC Panel Wiring

DC panel, front
DC Panel, Back
Custom DC Panel.  Top: tanks, reefer, nav lights, DC status. Middle: blank, fuel filter status, bilge pump, AC status. Bottom: Heart 20-breaker panel.
Back of Custom DC Panel.
Wiring, Left
DC Panel, Wiring, Right
Behind DC Panel, left side.  Navigation Light Controller, TB-A, Ground block, TB-B (blade fuses).
Behind DC Panel, right side.  TB-B (blade fuses), TB-C, Ground block, TB-D, TB-E.
Low Voltage Terminal Blocks
Low Voltage Terminal Blocks
Signal wiring block panel (TB-Y, & TB-Z).
Signal wiring block panel (closer).
Wiring, Sig Panel Tipped

Signal wiring block panel tips forward to allow access to wire routing.