Egret's Navigation Station

Screen, Mouse, Kbd
Radios & DC Panel
Viewsonic 15" LCD, IR Keyboard, & Mouse.
The teak strip tucked behind upper edge of the storage cubby is the front edge of a hidden IBM ThinkPad laptop .
Icom 735 HF, AEA/Timewave TNC, Clarion AM/FM/CD, Standard Horizon VHF, Heart Inverter Control, 2m Ham with TT2 APRS, & DC Panel
Radio Rack
DC Panel, Front
We built a mini equipment rack with a panel for each unit. Left panel: CD/AM/FM radio, VHF radio.  Right panel: Heart Inverter Controller, 2meter Ham Radio, TinyTrac APRS tracker.
Our custom DC panel is based on Heart EVI Modular Electrical Panel dimensions. Top row panels- Tanks, Refrigeration, Navigation Lights, Battery Monitor.  Middle row panels- Blank, Fuel Filter Status, Bilge Pump, AC Status.  Bottom row- Heart (84-5000-20) 20 gang DC breaker panel.